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Getting Rid of Scorpions

Scorpions are one of the most feared pests, and many homeowners seek to discover how to get rid of them.

Scorpions are easily identified by their large pincers, curved back, venomous stinger, and eight legs. Generally they take about five to seven separate exoskeleton molts to achieve maturity

As scorpions have a life span that can range for 4 to 25 years, homeowners with scorpion problems need to know how to get rid of scorpions- fast.

Scorpions use their venom to paralyze or kill their prey, which includes insects and small arthropods. Don’t wait to find out how to get rid of scorpions; call Allgon today!

Scorpions can adapt to just about any habitat. They usually make their homes in earthy areas where they find dark places to hide. Scorpions are sensitive to moisture loss, so they stay hidden during the heat of the day and come out at night.

To reduce the risk of infestation, homeowners should check their homes and yards for the presence of scorpions. They might be found in flower vases, mulch piles, under wood chips or pine straw, and in stacks of boxes or other items on the floor. If scorpions are present in the home, possible entry points might be the small cracks and crevices in and around the walls; scorpions can easily crawl through these tight spaces. Garage doors are a common entry for scorpions. They often enter homes through vents called "weep holes" that are located near ground level.

The problem with having scorpions in a house, especially if scorpions have established themselves and multiplied, is that it isn’t easy to get rid of them. The best way to keep a house scorpion-free is to take prevention beforehand. Eliminate scorpion hiding places like woodpiles and clutter. Move mulch away from the foundation and weather-strip doors and windows. Small pieces of screen in weep holes can deter scorpions from entering.

Call us today and ask how Allgon can keep scorpions from infesting your home. Our pesticides can repel scorpions and eliminate their food.

Remember it's always important to keep children and pets away from treated surfaces until the application dries to avoid any unwanted effects.



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