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Pre-construction treatments are Allgon’s forte in the war against termites. Our well-equipped pre-treatment trucks and trained operators, provide the front line of protection. As you may be aware, Arizona, especially in desert areas, has one of the highest populations of subterranean termites in the United States. This makes it critical for the Building Contractor to choose a company that has the experience, personnel, and equipment necessary to provide protection to the building project against subterranean termite infestation. The following is a summary of the services we can provide to the Building Industry. Allgon Exterminating, Inc. has been one of the largest providers of new construction soil pretreatments for both residential and commercial builders in the greater Phoenix area. Our pretreat equipment is specifically designed to calibrate and deliver the proper amount of termiticide to the job site in a safe and efficient manner.

At Allgon Exterminating, Inc., we are dedicated to serving builders’ needs. Our trained Technicians will provide fast, knowledgeable, and convenient service to resolve all your bug and rodent problems. Call us at 602-258-1130 to learn how we can serve you today.


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